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Charlton Marshall Village HistorySun, 21st July 2019

Charlton Marshall Village History

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1657: Churchwarden's Accounts

I have spent quite a lot of time working through the Churchwardens account books from the 17 th and 18 th centuries. I thought a few extracts might raise a smile and also remind us how very different life was then. I have left spelling unchanged but have interpreted where I think it might be necessary. The first selection is of payments made to travellers passing through the parish.

1657 To John Barnes that came out of Turkie
1657 To 2 poore women
1657 To 2 poore soldiers which was wounded in the kings servis
1663 Janu 18 th Paid a destitute man and his family being cast away att St tiues in Cornwall
Febru 28 th Paid 4 poore seamen being cast away against Cornwall having a pass to goe to Porchmoth and so home

Many payments were made to villagers for killing animals that were harmful to an agricultural community.

1657 To widow Coles for hedgs (hedgehogs)
1657 To William Merrit … for 2 pole cats
1676 For Shooting the Rookes
1676 For fower dousen of Sparrows
1711 John Morgin for a otters head

There were also payments for the church services and building.

1663 Paid for 3 quarts of wine and half a pinte against Ester and 2 penneth of bread,
1663 Paid the widdo ball for waishing the surples against Easter (washing the surplice for Easter Day)
1657 For 10 bushells of lime
1657 To the massons for mending the church wals
1657 To Robert Harden for glass for the church window
1657 To Henry Jenkins for mending the bells

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