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Charlton Marshall Village HistorySun, 21st July 2019

Charlton Marshall Village History

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1847: Church Room

The building was originally a National School; the land was given in 1847 by Samuel White of Charlton House.

The room was frequently used outside school hours for entertainments, meetings, tea parties etc.. In December 1894 the Curate, the Rev JW Cattle opened it two evenings a week as a reading and games room and it seems to have been well supported. The following year it was open three nights from 7.00 to 9.30 pm. By 1897 it was open four nights from 6.30 to 10.00 pm with Sir Charles and Lady D’Oyly of Newlands supplying newspapers, magazines, etc.. In that year £30 worth of repairs were carried out; I have no detail of the work done on the building itself but they lined the back wall with glass – presumably to prevent people climbing over it. Renovations were again being carried out in 1906.

By 1909 it appears to have ceased to be used for the school as the current Curate, the Rev FS Beale wanted it enlarged to become a Parish Room. It is obvious that the room was never extended although the kitchen/ toilet area may be later than the rest of the building (does anybody know?) In 1910 a new wooden floor and a new stove for heating were installed; concerts and flower shows and other fundraising took place; the estimate for the floor was £19. 10s 0d. In November the Parish Magazine records ‘The earth outside part of one of the walls was higher than the floor level … This earth has been removed and the excavation filled in with concrete’.

In 1913 there was talk of ‘much needed repairs’; when they were completed it was reported ‘our schoolroom now possesses a comfortable and cheerful appearance’.

Bringing us up to date, in 1993 parishioners worked hard to make the necessary alterations to establish the Post Office in the Church Room. The board outside proudly proclaims ‘Church Room and Village Centre’; long may it continue.

If you can add anything about the 80 years from 1913 to 1993 please get in touch.

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