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Charlton Marshall Village HistorySun, 21st July 2019

Charlton Marshall Village History

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1871: A case at County Court

From the Blandford Express August 12th 1871. A report of a case in the County Court.

F Shave v W Goldie of Charlton Marshall. Claim £2. 5s. value of a crop in a cottage garden and piece of allotment – 30 lugs at 1s. 6d. Plaintiff had been serving as shepherd for the defendant, and on being dismissed requested payment for the crops as above. Defendant thought the charge too high and would only consent to pay for seed and labour which he considered fair. The Judge however, thought that the claim by the poor man was only just and fair, consequently he gave judgement for the amount to be paid forthwith. Defendant: then I shall charge him rent. The Judge: then if you come before me you might be well assured you won’t get it.

(A lug was a box or basket that held between 28 and 40 lbs of fruit or vegetables.)

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