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Charlton Marshall Village HistorySun, 21st July 2019

Charlton Marshall Village History

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Charlton Marshall Halt Closure

Did you make history that day? Can you help?

The last timetabled trains to stop at Charlton Marshall and Spetisbury – Monday September 17th 1956.

The following recollection of Engine Driver Reg Darke is taken from "Life on the Somerset and Dorset Railway" by Alan Hammond, Millstream Books, 1999.

'One driving memory I can recall was on 17th September 1956. We were working the 4.10pm from Evercreech to Bournemouth … This train was the connection for passengers off the Pines Express for stations to Shillingstone. On this particular evening we stopped at Charlton Marshall Halt and picked up a family of four who alighted at Spetisbury Halt, the next stop along. They then wanted to go over the other side of the platform. The guard had to conduct them across the track. I asked the guard later what they were playing at; he replied that they wanted to take their two young children on the last train. We were the last down train and the 5.18pm was the last up train to stop at the halts. The facts had not sunk in that it was the last official stop at these halts; they were closed that day.'

I would love to know who that family was. Did you make history that day? Does anyone have any idea? If so please contact me. Mark Churchill at mk.cmanor@googlemail.com or 01258 452872.

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