View from across the river

The Views Walk

About 3 miles - 1.5 hours and not too taxing even with the hills.

Start at the Charlton Marshall Halt on the old railway line (O.S. map ref. 896041), the trailway. The platforms are still visible below the road bridge in Park Hill, near Charlton-on-the-Hill. Any other access point along the trailway can be used such as Church Lane or Hopegood Close.

Start by walking along the railway line for a pleasant mile approximately towards Spetisbury. Go past the School & Church at Spetisbury, and as the trailway bears right, turn left over a wooden stile, into a meadow. Follow a track along the other side of the hedge to a turning to the right, over a stile, and proceed over an old railway bridge. Continue up the slope and along the edge of woodland ("Home Plantation") to your right. At the brow of the hill, pause, and look behind at the view across the Stour Valley with Badbury Rings on the horizon, and to your left to Spetisbury Rings, a small Iron Age hill fort dating from about 600 B.C.

Continue with the woods to your right. At the end of the woods keep straight ahead along the edge of a field, keeping the copse to your right. At the end of the copse turn right, and follow edge of a field, with a fence to your left, along a foot path that begins to descend. A good view of the watercress farm and surrounding countryside opens up. Continue along the path inside the bounds of the copse, veering right as you go. On your right, and inside the area of the copse you will see a disused chalk pit from where some of the railway embankment was built. As you pass the chalk pit pass into the field with the copse on your right, you will now see a wooden stile which you aim for and cross. You should now be back on the disused railway line. Turn left back towards Charlton Marshall.

Charlton Marshall Halt
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