View from across the river

Manor and Glebe Farm with 3 alternative endings:

3-5 miles - 1-1.5 hours and varied scenery, mostly on the level.

Go up Church Lane, over the top of the hill and down towards Manor Farm until you come to the field gate on the left beyond the big dead tree; go through the gate on the bridleway across the field to the far left corner. Go through the gate in the corner and turn left towards Glebe Farm; go straight across the field towards the farm buildings (can be muddy here), pass them and the next house and bungalow on your left and continue until the lane bends to the right. Now choose either a b or c:

a) continue on the lane to the T junction, turn left and walk towards Spetisbury; go under the railway arch and turn immediately right up the slope to the trailway and return to Charlton Marshall

b) cut a corner by going through the field gate and heading for the tree in the centre, then continue to the far corner, over the stile, across the next field and out through the gate into the lane, then continue as a

c) go through the field gate and head for the tree in the centre; turn left at the tree and when you get to the corner go over the stile, then across the corner of that field to the next stile, then diagonally up the hill to the stile in the far hedge; go across the field, heading for the farm buildings; go through the gate into the yard and out at the far left corner into the top of The Close, and home.

Charlton Marshall Halt
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