View from across the river

Towards Blandford on the Trailway:

4 miles - 1¼ hours and varied scenery, mostly on the level.

Walk along the trailway towards Blandford. When you get to the T junction at Blandford St Mary (Ward’s Drove) turn left up the drove and go over the hill as far as the cottages on the left in the valley. Beyond the cottages turn left into the bridleway; when you get to the farm, bear right through the yard and continue to the T junction at Littleton Drove, which is tarred. Go left for a few yards until you find a field gate on your right. Go through the field gate and the footpath goes straight across the field to the gap in the hedge on the far side. Continue across the second field heading for the corner of the wall at the rear of Birch Close Farm. Walk out on to Park Hill, cross it and continue down the lane opposite, heading for Lower Cottage, which you will pass on your right just before you reach a T junction. (which can be very muddy after rain). Turn left up the track, go over the hill and come down Church Lane to Charlton Marshall. Happy walking.

Charlton Marshall Halt
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